John Idleburg, a Marine Corps veteran and special agent and longtime Tenth Dems leader, is running for Zion Township Supervisor to meet the many concerns other residents of Zion have brought to his attention. John is convinced that the office of the Township Supervisor needs new leadership. The current Supervisor has betrayed residents’ trust. Two of the key issues John will address are the incumbent Supervisor’s lack of accountability to citizens and her failure to conserve township resources.

Many people from all walks of life—professionals, people of color, reformed felons, community activists, church-going folks,
and even anonymous city officials—have reported times when they attempted to reach out to the Supervisor’s office for help or to offer an idea to help the township and instead of being welcome, instead of being heard, were met with deafening silence. This is behavior John finds unbecoming of a public servant. As Supervisor, John will be open and responsive to all residents’ concerns.

But perhaps even more troubling than the lack of accountability and responsiveness shown by the current Supervisor is her fiscal irresponsibility, which John learned about after his campaign filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and examined the Supervisor’s technology purchases. Documents revealed spending at a rate that the incumbent Supervisor could not explain. Since 2007, she has purchased eight high-end computers for an office staffed with only four employees. And she allowed one of those employees to “purchase” a high-end laptop by giving up a vacation day.

The full details can be found in the campaign’s statement aboutthese purchases and sale:

“One of our sources suggested we look into the high-end technology that Zion Township office has managed to purchase over the years. The biggest issues we found, if not illegal, rather ethically questionable, is the sale of a city-owned Mac laptop to a Township employee who resigned her post to go into the private sector. On February 10th, we submitted a FOIA request requesting: ‘[A] complete inventory of all electronic devices to include computers, cell phones, and laptops, that were purchased, leased or rented by Zion Township from 2013 until 2017…to include serial numbers, model numbers, and dates of purchase, with copies of receipts, and current status of all equipment.’

“On February 16th we received the first batch of information that was requested (we are still waiting for the rest of the information). The current inventory list included a total of three Apple Mac laptops and five Mac desktops purchased between 2007 and 2015. One of the Mac laptops was listed as having been sold. The questions that arise are: Why are there more Apple computers than people working in the office? Does the office need that much high-end technology for day-to-day operations?

And why was an additional $35,375.26 spent between February 2013 and October 2016 on software upgrades, computer programs, and computer accessories—not including the cost of the computers?

“Should the Township be spending this kind of money on computers and software? Could taxpayer money have been spent on better and more productive programs that would directly benefit struggling residents?”

The campaign also questioned the sale of the MAC laptop to a departing employee and sought to learn more about the surrounding circumstances with a follow-up FOIA request. The campaign learned that the employee gave up a single vacation day in exchange for the MAC laptop. Idleburg charges that this exchange constitutes, at the very least, “abuse of power, breach of public trust, and frivolous spending of taxpayer money all at the expense of Zion Township’s residents.” Support John Idleburg for Supervisor, and bring accountability and fiscal responsibility back to Zion Township. For more information, or to volunteer or donate to John’s campaign, visit