State & Local Government


State & Local Government

Property Taxes

When property taxes are fairly set and equally distributed government revenues can be more effectively deployed. Exemptions geared toward the powerful, the lawyered up, the insiders create disparity in revenue that drives less effective delivery of services.

In Grant Township and Lake County taxes will be major focus of the County Board. And, for the first time in memory, the board is led by Democrats. They want to hear from us, we have the opportunity to help craft a fairer tax system.

Governor Pritzker has proposed a realistic budget. The past four years we left the state virtually bankrupt. Services gutted with unpaid bills mounting. Payments in most cases to Illinois residents and companies. It had to end.


Democratic Politics

“I belong to no organized political party, I am a Democrat.” – Attributed to President Kennedy

Parroting comedian Will Rogers from the 1930s.

State-wide Democratic politics offers challenges and opportunities. State Central Committee actions can be severely limiting and demand loyalty and we strive to call for focus on progressive solutions and working with Republican law makers whenever possible. The Township is a majority GOP bur based on recent election returns we can see and expect to grow while as we work toward recruiting and electing Democrats.

Find out more, like any volunteer organization we are the sum total of our members.


Citizens In-Action

We can all recognize lifesaving actions by police and fire, doctors and nurses, teachers and average people who’ve done extraordinary feats. Well one just in front of us is the everyday volunteer. The Girls Scout mom, Little League coach the library auxiliary and clean-up organizer.

Giving back to the community offers the volunteer the sense of belonging, making things better feels good. Engrained in our great American experience has been a logic that we can-do things. Cleaning up an abandoned lot, reading to seniors and kids, local animal rescue or support is the definition of Citizen Action. For most of us, it’s just helping out.

We would love to see you join us, but if politics isn’t your bag, consider many of the great citizen service organization in your area.