Virtually every survey of Americans across the nation reports healthcare is a top concern. Candidates offer packaged solutions under many banners and some offer misleading descriptions. The recent attempt by the GOP to return to the commercial insurance friendly funding mechanism is one great example.

The best of the ACA:

  • Elimination of pre-existing conditions for setting premium,
  • Parity in funding for mental health and substance abuse with physical health, and
  • Continued the operation of a marketplace for individual and self-insured policies that

Can and must be preserved.

Healthcare is and will be defining issue in the coming 2020 round of elections. Candidates must spell-out their positions. The Grant Township Democrats will be helping to define, articulate and shape these positions over the coming months.

We will have educational programs in conjunction with other groups, including non-partisan organizations and on our won.  We recognize that knowledge drives solutions and acceptance builds stronger communities.